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Pod type photoelectric search and tracking equipment independently developed by 25 institutes of the second institute of aerospace science and technology

2015/11/2      view:


    The air-defence unit of air observation system in the international military competition ACTS as the assistant referee "video" and shine, aerospace science and industry developed 2 hospital 25 and a photoelectric product search - podded photoelectric tracking equipment, in the just concluded for the first time on the 12th China international aerospace fair public appearances, which won the domestic and international numerous customer attention.


    Pod type photoelectric search and tracking equipment
    As a new member of the early-warning security system product exhibited by aerospace science and industry in zhuhai, this photoelectric search and tracking device named "electronic eye" can realize the application of uav airborne platform with its small and light size, and the tracking and searching range is more flexible.It consists of infrared thermal imager, visible light camera and human eye safety laser rangefinder three parts, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, image display quality in the domestic leading level, can solve the ordinary photoelectric products can not see, can not see clearly, can not see far from the problem.
    "Electronic eye" adopts HDDE algorithm technology with independent intellectual property rights. Especially in the humid and hot environment where infrared thermal imager is most vulnerable to interference, "eye" can still easily see very small objects, which is of great significance for life search and rescue, patrol and reconnaissance of border and coastal defense and emergency counter-terrorism in the event of geological disaster.




    Turret photoelectric search and tracking system
    At the same time, 25 independently developed turret photoelectric search and tracking systems were exhibited.It integrates the backsweep compensation mid-wave infrared thermal imager, continuous zoom visible light camera and laser rangefinder, which can realize 360-degree rotation search and tracking panoramic imaging, and can comprehensively warn, track and locate low-altitude uav, low-altitude balloon and other low small and slow targets for 24 hours.
    At present, more than 25 photoelectric search and tracking devices have been applied in range measurement, rail transit, maritime law enforcement, security monitoring, forest fire prevention and other fields.In the future, this institute will rely on the technical advantages in the field of precision guidance to continuously expand the performance of photoelectric products and meet the needs of more abundant market applications.