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What is the difference between CAT5 information module and RJ45?

2015/11/2      view:

    RJ45 refers to a physical interface that is used for Ethernet access in general.Common network access mode is the RJ45 port, such as the computer network port, switch, router network port, and you said the information module.To put it bluntly, the interface that can only insert 8-core RJ45 crystal head can be called RJ45 port.


    CAT5 refers to an electrical standard that represents the transmission performance of network cables under the TIA system. In addition to CAT5(category 5) standards commonly used under the TIA system, other common standards are: CAT3 (category 3),5E (super 5),CAT6 (category 6), and 6A (category 6A).It can be generally understood that the higher the number after CAT, the faster the transmission speed.