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It's time for the fake shopping orgasm that e-commerce is making to stop

2015/11/2      view:

Both the power industry and conventional businesses want to create as few steep peaks and valleys as possible so that the system can function smoothly.However, the 618 Party ON shopping Party made by Lao liu this year also has the same TV advertisement as neurosis, and consumers' increasingly cold attitude towards e-commerce promotion, which can be seen from users' aesthetic fatigue of the so-called 618, 11·11 and other e-commerce shopping carnival, the artificial shopping fake climax should stop!


    Just like the National Day holiday travel, if people all over the country travel in seven days, that for most consumers is a solution to the doomed tragedy;Induction jingdong, the author of one of his old workmates now recently in micro the letter poking fun at himself a line to do the sorting and stevedore, a large backlog of orders allows users receiving has been greatly increased cycle, whether jingdong announced sales over 1 billion, or a department of ali platform reached 35.019 billion volumes in the double tenth a carnival, but the author thinks that, only when volumes in 618 or double tenth no longer increases, and has been a steady rise in total sales of the electric business platform, electric business platform can truly mature.'s 618 and alibaba's 11/11 were originally made out of thin air. It was alibaba and that grew them from childhood to become significant days with special significance for the entire e-commerce industry.


    People regard the sales figures of alibaba series platform on November 11 as a sign of the booming development of e-commerce industry. However, behind this brilliant figure is the overdraft of sales in the previous months. The peak of logistics derived from this figure is the re-pressure on the overloaded logistics system.


    For consumers, now in the double tenth a shopping experience is not necessarily beautiful, a lot of really cheap goods at half price to snap up in the morning, and there are many commodity price increases first and then the phenomenon of discount, and due to the large merchants and logistics and logistics delivery pressure, many goods real receiving date than normal time one to two weeks in the evening, and in this process, because of the great amount of parcel lost a wait for a phenomenon also to be much higher than usual.


    I saw last year in ShuangShiEr taobao mall to buy chivas regal the misery of sofa, the results fully waiting for nearly three months failed to delivery, and received goods users have also given a bad review, because a large number of orders has gone far beyond its normal capacity, emergency processing result is manufactured, and ending with choose a refund, but the typical default trading businesses without any penalty, ali customer service of the explanation is that this is ShuangShiEr special period of time, want the user to understand.


    After 618 just began, a large number of users on WeChat questioned jingdong to raise prices and then discount, the so-called surprise price is actually higher than the normal price at ordinary times, this phenomenon is more prominent in air conditioning, television and other categories.Like a shopping festival 618 or double tenth, for the historical mission of cultivating consumers online shopping is already full, even now to buy some daily household of small products, the younger generation of consumers have formed the habit of online shopping, so crazy should also cool, double tenth one or 618 truly beneficial to the healthy development of the electricity, like ali group executive for sales forecast for the double tenth last year, they hope that more than 30 billion, but not over too much, because they know it, high sales can bring much negative effect to logistics and service.


    Some people may say that it is better to increase the construction of logistics network to solve the logistics peak caused by singles' day.However, from the perspective of perennial operation, neither the construction of transit warehouse nor the deployment of express delivery personnel can be based on the year's peak double eleven as the base, otherwise the cost of a large number of idle warehouses and personnel will ultimately have to be paid by consumers.


    From the perspective of e-commerce platforms, in order to cope with the explosive service demands of 618 and 11.11, platform providers need to provide more server resources input, and these new service resources are actually useless in daily life. From a higher level, this is also the resource waste caused by the peak of man-made shopping.


    For small and medium-sized sellers, double tenth one, if not during ShuangShiEr don't spend a lot of money, buy the recommended field of the electric business platform and ads, so in this so-called sales season sales is difficult to improve, if a huge amounts of money to make a sale, so it might have become a loss-leader played out, like a double tenth ShuangShiEr artificial shopping rush, in addition to helping manufacturers inventory, for the majority of the seller's profit growth is limited.In order to attract attention on 618, jingdong has spared no effort to broadcast high-frequency AD like neurosis on TV on a large scale. I think most users hope that jingdong can bring benefits to consumers instead of making contributions to the advertising department of CCTV.


    Foreign business experience is worthy of reference, in 2013 the United States after Thanksgiving black Friday sales campaign, many American businessmen in advance or delay the depreciate sales promotion measures were taken, physical stores and online stores, are taking a certain diversion measures, to a certain extent, ease the concentrated explosive the drawbacks of shopping, which is worth learning and using for reference.